Ottawa, Tuesday, June 29, 2021

This morning I had an appointment at The Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus and decided to arrive an hour early so I could go for a nice photowalk and listen to Episode 241 in the process.

It just so happens that the Hospital's Civic campus is just across the street from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Central Experimental Farm, which occupies over 1000 acres of prime land only a stone's throw from downtown Ottawa. I don't know how many other G7 capitals have farmland so close to the seats of power!

Taking a walk through the grounds (but not straying too far from the hospital because I didn't want to lose track of time and make myself late for my appointment) I came across these intriguing greenhouses. They're attached to Building 21, or the Integrated Growth Facility which supports the activities of AAFC's Ottawa Research and Development Centre.

There was something about how the morning light was reflecting off the greenhouse's metal frame and ventilation equipment that caught my eye. So here you go...

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