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My name is Eric DeLorme, and I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a father, a husband, a son, a cook, a cyclist, a traveller (on hold for now!), and a full-time IT professional.

I’m also an obsessed hobbyist photographer.

Photography is a way for me to exercise my right brain and get all creative and expressive, which isn’t something that comes easily to me in other media. I love music, but I can’t carry a tune or play an instrument. I love painting, drawings, etchings, and sketches… but I can’t draw a straight line or a round circle to save my life.

Photography—especially digital photography—checks all the boxes: cool gadgets, computer time with some great editing apps (mostly Capture One these days), websites, blogs… it’s this geek’s paradise!

I never go anywhere without a camera (I’m partial to Fujifilm and my shiny new Leica Q2) or my iPhone, always ready to catch the light, the mood, the shadow, the angle, the what-have-you. I shoot only for myself and am continually experimenting with different styles and techniques.

Thanks for looking at my galleries here on SmugMug; you can find much more of my visual experimentation over on Flickr.

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